Webinar on Afrofuturism:
A Guide Amidst Tumultuous Times

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October 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST via ZOOM

When the Black Mind imagines a “future,” what does that future look like? When the Black Mind speculates on “how things can be,” what is it that the Black Mind sees? If it sees bleakness in that future, what are the implications and what are the “marching orders?” If it sees hope, what, then, are the alternative implications and “marching orders”?

Dr. Julian Chambliss

(Michigan State University)

Professor Trent Tomengo

(Seminole State College)


Dr. Phillip Cunningham

(Wake Forest University)

In a moderated, scholarly dialogue Dr. Julian Chambliss (Michigan State University) and Dr. Phillip Cunningham (Wake Forest University) will discuss their co-curated exhibition at the Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Fine Arts (Eatonville) entitled A Past Unremembered: The Transformative Legacy of the Black Speculative Imagination. Moderated by Trent Tomengo (Seminole State College), this webinar conversation will address, among other issues, what is Afrofuturism, what is its historical legacy in the black speculative tradition and what are the implications of its usage in a contemporary climate of anti-black sentiment and black social protest and unrest.

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