For ZORA! Festival Media Credentials , please complete and email the Media Credentials Request Form (Download: Digital or Print) to  the ZORA! Festival Communications Team at by January 23, 2020.


Media Credentials Policy

ZORA! FESTIVAL media credentials are available to reporters, editors working as reporters, producers, video camera operators and still photographers who present valid press identification. Exceptions must be approved by the ZORA! FESTIVAL Communications Team by emailing completing and emailing the Media Credentials Request Form  (Download: Digital or Print) to

ZORA! FESTIVAL members who claim reporter status, rather than registering as association members, will be held to these same standards for approval and, if approved, will receive only the same access as other members of the media.

If there is limited space for media at an event, the ZORA! Festival reserves the right to limit the number of credentials it issues. At the discretion of the sponsoring entity, media credentials may or may not include meal service at events where food is served.

Media representatives who violate guidelines for coverage of an ZORA! Festival event, whether written or oral, may have their credentials withdrawn.

ZORA! Festival media credentials are not available to staff of media advertising, marketing, public relations or management departments or firms.

For additional information, send an e-mail message, including the title and date of the ZORA! Festival event you are interested in attending, to the ZORA! FESTIVAL Division for Media Relations and Strategic Communications at ZORA! .

ZORA! Festival Media Relations Policy on Press Credentials for Bloggers, et al.

Bloggers and other citizen journalists who lack formal press credentials must authenticate their status by providing links to their blogs or media outlets. Applications for ZORA! Festival media credentials should be made by the method specified on the ZORA! Festival Media Relations website for the desired event. Media credentials are granted generally based on the following criteria.

  1. Those who have been credentialed for similar ZORA! Festival events in the previous two years will be considered for credentials.
  2. Those who can demonstrate having written about the ZORA! Festival or related content in the previous year will be considered for credentials.
  3. Where the first two conditions cannot be met, a provisional one-time credential may be provided.

Bloggers or other citizen-journalists must represent well-established, humanities or entertainment outlets as determined by ZORA! Festival Communications staff. All media credentials for ZORA! Festival 2020 must be requested by January 15, 2020.