Professor (Nagano College of Nursing)

President (Multi-Ethnic Studies Association of Japan)

Recent Biography:

A professor at Nagano College of Nursing since 2004 and a president of Multi-Ethnic Studies Association of Japan since 2015. The recent main works: The Voices of Clothing and Fashion in American Literature (2017; anthology chief editor), “Women’s Messages in Disguise” (2017), Magnolia Flower: Selected Short Stories of Zora Neale Hurston (2016; co-translator), “Irish Colleens in America” (2016), “Julia Ward Howe and ‘The Battle Hymn of Republic’” (2016), “Traveling Opera Companies as a Reflection of a Country and an Era” (2015), The Frontiers in Ethnic Studies (2014; anthology co-editor), and “Reading the Short Stories of Zora Neale Hurston” (2014).

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