Ella Dinkins has lived in Eatonville since 1931.  Gardening has always been a part of her life.  Even before her family came to Eatonville, her maternal grandmother grew celery for sale in Sanford;  and the children in the family had to help out with the crop.  Mrs. Dinkins enjoys seeing things growing and reaching their maturity.  In her garden, she cultivates flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables. Examples of flowers in her yard are:  azaleas, a varety of crotons, periwinkles, petunias, roses, a variety of ferns, and sunflowers.  Examples of her fruit trees are:  avocado, grapefruit, orange, persimmon, pear, and pineapple.  Vegetables she grows includ beets, carrots, cabbage. greens [collards, mustards, turnips], okra, potatoes, scallions, stringbeans, squash, and tomatoes.
ZORA Festival
227 East Kennedy Boulevard Eatonville, Fl 32751
Phone: (407) 647-3188