021 Every Tongue – Scot French Discusses Finding and Preserving Local History

Scott French discusses the importance of finding and preserving history in local communities of color. At the Zora Festival in 2017, he led several students in their research projects about real-life, local, and important community history initiatives. Dr. French and his students use digital storytelling tools to magnify the narratives of the communities they partner…

020 Every Tongue – Carlene Jackson from the Natl Urban Housing & Eco Comm Dev Corp.

Carlene Jackson speaks about the National Urban Housing and Economic Community Development Corporation (NUHECDC), a non-profit organization that works to implement a comprehensive approach to fighting poverty in urban areas through affordable housing, homeownership, and life skills training for those with barriers to employment.

019 Every Tongue – Porsha Dossie discusses Historic Black Community in Seminole County

Porsha Dossie discusses her research on uncovering the hidden history of vibrant African American communities in historic Seminole County, Florida. She used a range of digital and traditional methodologies to achieve her final project, which was an online collection of stories and artifacts.

018 Every Tongue – Michelle Robinson talks about graduate work exploring Hobson City

Michelle Robinson speaks about her research projects with graduate students and community members in Hobson City — the first self-governed black municipality in the state of Alabama.

017 Every Tongue – Jose Flores discusses Arturo Schomburg

Jose Flores discusses a research project centered on the influence and importance of Arturo Schomburg – activist, writer, historian, and philanthropist during the Harlem Renaissance – especially for Puerto Ricans in New York. Schomburg viewed Pan Africanism as an avenue to create political expression for Puerto Ricans and African Americans alike.

016 Every Tongue – Holly Baker Discuss Folklore Project

Holly Baker explains her ongoing effort to produce a curated online exhibit featuring folk songs and folklorists from communities of color throughout state of Florida, collected by the Federal Writers Project during The Depression Era.

015 Every Tongue -Gramond McPherson Discusses Paramore

A conversation with Gramond McPherson about the ways in which the Orlando community of Paramore – a historically and still predominantly black community in central Florida – views itself and its history. His research project also explores how that community history is portrayed to the broader public.

014 Every Tongue – Dr. Clarissa West-White on Issues Facing Communities of Color

A conversation with Dr. Clarissa West-White about 21st century solutions for issues facing minority communities across the state of Florida and the nation more broadly. Dr. West-White specifically talks about the value of undergraduate students becoming fully engaged in community projects and archival research as a form of civic engagement.

013 Every Tongue – Brandon Nightingale and Holly Baker on Preserving Church History

A discussion between Brandon Nightingale and Holly Baker about preserving church history in Orlando, Florida through the work of citizen curators and public history students. He shares his experiences related to the Carter Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church in the context of his recent Public History coursework, including the creation of oral history interviews.

012 Every Tongue- Walter Greason on Community Solutions

A discussion with Dr. Walter Greason about how the academic component of the Annual Zora Festival – the Communities of Color Conference – can deepen the impact of the organization nationally and internationally in terms of sharing community solutions.