We Still Live Here: As Nutayunean” (Film)

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We Still Live Here: As Nutayunean” (Film)

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The screening of an independent film, written and produced by Native American, Anne Makepeace, is another example of recognizing a unique “community” in a unique

Setting. “WE STILL LIVE HERE” As Nutayunean,” winner of the 2011 Full Frame Inspiration Award, is a moving documentary about one woman’s efforts to bring back her people’s Wampanoag language, which had not been spoken for over a century. Following the screening, its critically-acclaimed writer, producer and director,

Anne Makepeace, will lead a lively discussion about the significant role language plays in efforts to hold onto a community’s identity.

Admission: $7.00

Enzian Theater, 1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland


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