Meeting Mosella Wells

2 photos (both of flowers) grouped together;  the one at the top is red on a base of green while the second photo of a plant has reddish and white flowers strected  upward —  Mosella Wells has resided in Eatonvile since March 9,1959.  Her family had been forced to move from their Winter Park home due to a project involving eminent domain.  When she first moved to Eatonville, Mrs. Wells transplanted some of the shrubbery form her previous home to begin her new yard.  As a child, the garden had been an important part of her family life as she had to help maintain it by watering and weeding.  In her Eatonville yard, Mrs. Wells grows a broad variety of flowers, including abeliophyllum, azaleas, bird-of-paradise, bougainvillea, bromelaide, croton, crown-of-thorns, draceacena, heavenly bamboo, hollyberry shrubs, Indian Oxford, ixora, jasmine, orchids, phebalium, phebodium, Staghorn Fern, and wisteria. She also has grapefruit and orange trees.